New Law About Minors, Medical Directives, and Schools

In the last Legislative session, two acts, 2018-466 and 2018-460 were passed that addresses the need for what people refer to as a Living Will or Medical Directive for Minors that have a terminal illness.

Until now there was no legal document that would allow doctors to honor the family’s wishes when a child was dealing with a terminal illness and the end of life.

It added code § 22-8A-15 to 22-8A-17 called the Alex Hoover Act (article about his mother’s fight) It allows parents, in consulting with the child, to execute a document and provide it to the child’s school’s nurse.

Why is this important? Why should you care? Because children with terminal illnesses an example is a congested heart disease cannot attend school because of the liability. (D√♯m lawyers) This allows the child to attend school and that there is a document that allows the school and medical professionals who are called to know what the family wants and also protects them from liability.

These are laws that actually help Alabamians.

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