Exceptions to Alabama’s Stay at Home Order

I want to talk a little bit more about the Stay at Home Order and the nine exceptions to the Order to remain at home.  I want to add some detail to the exceptions so people understand what they can or cannot do.  If you have questions, call us at the Aaron Law Firm at (205) 685-8383 or email me at JohnAaron@AaronLawFirm.com.

Let’s talk about some the exceptions to the “Stay at Home Order” order:

To obtain necessary supplies. Food and household supplies are essential to living; those supplies are included in this exception.

Pharmaceuticals are part of this exception; this includes medicine that is over the counter and medical supplies.  Of course, this does not mean you can visit your drug dealer; it just means you can go to the pharmacy.  Sorry, a bit of lawyer humor there.

Supplies for Education, Homeschooling is an activity most parents did not foresee a month ago.  I know parents are having to pick up items from the school, computers, books, and even their children’s personal property. The parents are shopping for supplies to create classrooms in their house.  These items that parents did not know they needed three weeks ago for the education of their kids. All of the travel necessary to obtain these educational supplies are part of this exception to the stay home rule.

Supplies for your Pets. This includes everything that you need for your pets, including if you need to go to the veterinarian and get medicine your pet needs along with supplies for your farm animals.

Fuel and Automotive Supplies.  Fuel for your vehicles, along with the necessary supplies or parts that are needed to maintain your vehicles.  Also,  it includes taking a vehicle to a mechanic that is also allowed.

To Obtain or Provide Essential Services. This exception includes governmental funded services; this exception allows travel to obtain Governmental Benefits, which means if you need to travel to the VA or state agency to obtain services, your travel is covered under this exception.  I recommend if you need to travel to a state agency, the Veterans Administration, or another federal agency, you need to call ahead and make sure you are to set an appointment or let them know it an emergency. Obtaining essential services include medical and dental services, but there are questions if this covers elective surgery.  I assume that if a doctor has scheduled outpatient surgery, then it would be covered under this exception. The section of the exception addresses if you are providing services under a governmental or non-profit agency or that you are providing services to others that have mental or physical limitations.

To Care for Others. Many of you have family members that you are helping, and that is what this exception addresses.   As we go through this Public Health Emergency, helping others will become something that we all will have to pitch in and do.  If you need to go and look after someone or provide help to others, whether it’s going shopping for them, picking up something, or finding out what’s wrong with the refrigerator, this exception will cover that.

To Attend Religious Services.  The order allows religious services that have less than ten people in attendance and driving services.  There are three rules for the Drive-in Services, you cannot get out of your car during the entire religious service, that all occupants of a vehicle must be members of the same household, and that a person cannot get within 6 feet of another vehicle. Not sure how preachers are going to teach or preach inside a vehicle. I assume they could probably do it from inside the building, but we’ll just see how that will work.

To Work.  This exception includes traveling to and from work and work-related activities. This exception covers activities that you do outside of your office. This consists of any kind of work that you do that you have to travel for, including deliveries or curbside service.

Those are the exceptions to the order that are allowed.  Remember, in all of your contacts outside of your home, the order requires you to maintain the six-foot distance between you and others and to not be in groups of 10 or more people.

Once again, if you have a question, call the Aaron Law Firm at the (205) 685-8383, or you can email me at JohnAaron@AaronLawFirm.com.

Be safe and keep your family safe.

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