Essential Business Operations under Stay At Home Order

What are the definitions for essential business operations under the Alabama Health Officer’s Stay at Home order?  I want to talk about the different categories of essential business operations in this article. Here are the articles where I go into details on Dr. Harris’s Order and Exceptions to the Stay at Home Order.   If you have questions, feel free to call us (205) 685-8383, or you can email me at

Essential Business and Operations
What does it mean to be involved in an essential business or operations? It means is that you’re exempt from the order in your employment.  It means you do not have to worry regarding travel with your job, or to have a business open things like that. You still must comply with the requirements to stay 6 feet apart. And take steps to keep distances between your customers as they are in your place of business.

Essential Governmental Operations. This category, of course, covers law enforcement, court personnel, fire personnel, and emergency workers. This includes any employees that are involved in providing 9-1-1 service.  Employees of any federal, state or local governments are covered under this category.  Any business that supports these essential governmental operations is also considered essential under this category.

Healthcare Providers. The category covers the employees of Healthcare providers, including hospitals, medical clinics, and doctor’s offices.  The class includes veterinarians and employees of their clinics. Any business that provides medical services to the general public is covered under this category.  All companies that provide services or products to support an essential healthcare business under this category are also considered essential. Examples of this would be blood banks, manufacturing of medical products, pharmaceutical companies, trash companies, and linen services.  It covers adult daycare, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and eldercare.

Infrastructure operations. This includes utilities, electric providers, telephone companies, fuel and gas companies, water boards, wireless communications providers, cable, and internet providers. This category covers businesses that are involved in providing physical and cybersecurity. Transportation businesses are covered, including airlines, busing companies, trucking companies, railroad companies, vehicle rental companies, taxis services, Uber, Lyft, and providers of mechanical services or parts to the automobile or trucking industry. Any construction business that builds utilities, roads, commercial buildings, transportation, and governmental facilities.

Commercial lodging service providers are considered essential, including hotels, long term stay facilities, and RV parks.

Manufacturing. Most manufacturing businesses are exempt as long as the company can manufacture products.  A problem many manufactures are currently having is the difficulty of getting parts and supplies they need to receive from other countries that are not coming into our country. Many of our manufacturers are shut down, but once that starts back up, they can and get those supplies parts they will be able to open.

Agriculture. Obviously, farmers are covered under this category, but it also includes seafood providers, catfish farms, the forest industry, and nurseries.  It also covers any business that provides products and services to the agriculture industry.  This category also includes providers of veterinary services.  I assume that is because veterinarian handles large animals and poultry.

Essential Retailers/Restaurants. Essential retailers are food and beverage store ( liquor stores), coffee houses, grocery stores, pharmacies, or restaurants as long as they comply with the requirements of the order as far as not having in in in-store dining, maintaining distances, and limit the number of customers allowed in their business.

This category covers many types of business, including office supply companies, delivery companies, UPS FedEx stores, where things can be shipped.  Any business that provides services for people who are teaching their children at home or is working at home.

Essential Personal Services. Under this section, most construction companies and home repairs companies are considered essential.  That means plumbers, electricians, and HVAC companies. It includes dry cleaners, childcare providers, funeral homes, and cemeteries. I know there are limitations on having funerals right now, but funeral homes and cemeteries and still be open under this exemption.

Media Operations. Media operations cover radio stations, television stations, your web providers.  Media Operations also includes any business that provides services to essential media operations.

Financial Services. This category covers banks, investment companies, mortgage companies, and securities firms, and insurance providers.

Professional Services. This includes services provided by lawyers, doctors, accountants, insurance agents, and real estate industry. I wanted to point out that it covers all of the businesses related to the Real Estate industry; the sale, rental, and purchasing real estate. This category includes exterminators and moving companies.  Included in this category is a catch-all clause for any support business that supports one of these types of businesses that is exempt also has an exemption.

If you’re not sure whether your business is covered call us with your question at (205) 685-8383, or you can email me at

Be safe and keep your family safe.

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