Types of Criminal Charges

There are two types of criminal charges in state court, the misdemeanors and the felony.

The misdemeanor is any crime whose punishment is 12 months or less. These crimes are prosecuted in Municipal Court, City Court, or District Court.

Felony is a crime whose punishment is 1 year and a day or more. A Felony is tried in Circuit Court. The process for a felony generally starts with a warrant or an arrest.

You have a hearing before a judge within 48 hours or less to set bail.

Your case then goes to District Court where you have a Preliminary Hearing. You can have the Preliminary Hearing or waive the case to the Grand Jury. If the Grand Jury returns an indictment against you, you then are arraigned.

At the Arraignment you can plead guilty or not guilty.

After the Arraignment copies of evidence are exchanged between your attorney and the state and your trial date is set.

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