If I get a DUI in Alabama how does that effect my ability to drive?

If you had a BAC of .08 or more when you arrested of if the police officer said you refused to take the Draeger Breathalyzer test, the police will take your license and give you a Form AST-60. If you … Continue reading

Small Business Trends – Sharing is Caring — Don’t Steal Content From Others

We are have to be careful about this. In today’s high speed environment it is very easy to post something with out giving proper credit.  Small Business Trends – Sharing is Caring — Don’t Steal Content From Others May 18, … Continue reading

How Much Alcohol is Too Much Alcohol?

In the state of Alabama you are considered to be too intoxicated to drive safely, if you blood alcohol concentration is over .08. Blood Alcohol Concentration is referred to as your BAC level in documents in Alabama Courts. In Alabama … Continue reading

Geeslin v. Online Information Services, Inc. and Chief Justice Roy S. Moore

In this case a Mr. Geeslin sued the Chief Justice and On-line Information Services, Inc. for being charged extra fees to file civil lawsuits.  It is based upon then Cheif Justice Malone’s order that all civil cases of people that were … Continue reading

What to do if you are accused of a crime

It is imperative that you get legal counsel immediately. The Miranda warning is read to you for a reason and you should heed what it says. Regardless of what has been told to you there is no reason that you should give … Continue reading

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