Why do you need an Operating Agreement if you have an LLC?

The law requires that each LLC has an Operating Agreement to define how the Limited Liability Company is run.  LLC is the most popular entity that small business owners use to protect their assets and operate their business with.  But … Continue reading

LLC and Corporation names matter

Know who you are doing business with You would be shocked how many times I get a contract and there is a company name with LLC or Inc after it and I check with the state of Alabama and there … Continue reading

Law that Parents of School Age Children Must be Familiar With

With all of the attention on bullying and the effects that it has on kids, the Alabama Legislature passed a law named Jamari Terrell Williams Act. As a parent, you must be aware of this law, and that it does not … Continue reading

New Law About Minors, Medical Directives, and Schools

In the last Legislative session, two acts, 2018-466 and 2018-460 were passed that addresses the need for what people refer to as a Living Will or Medical Directive for Minors that have a terminal illness. Until now there was no … Continue reading

As Schools Starts Reminder About Teens and Driving

Alabama Graduated Driver’s License Law A teenager under the age of 18 has restrictions on driving that many people are not aware of. Violations of these restrictions can result in tickets and cause their license to be suspended. Each violation … Continue reading

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