Bill that affects Veterans Courts here in Alabama

I wanted to thank Sen. Cam Ward for sponsoring SB294.  This bill will allow a case in a municipal court to be transferred to a circuit or district court to be placed in programs like Veterans Court, Mental Health Court, or Drug Court.  Currently, there is a jurisdictional problem that prevents the transfer of a municipal case to a district or circuit court.

This prevents many people who need to be in a program, access to that program. Municipal courts are where many people first come to the attention of law enforcement and the courts who would benefit from being in these programs.  With the passage of this bill that obstacle will be removed.

I want to thank Jeff Brumlow for heading up the push to get this bill introduced into the legislature.  He has worked hard, contacting legislators and working on the language needed for the bill.

Please reach out to your local Senator and representatives and ask that they get on board with this bill, it will help individuals that need help and in the end, save money for local communities.  I have a link to the bill below. feel free to share it with others.

SB294 – Bill allows Municipal cases to be transferred to Veterans Court

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