What to do if you are accused of a crime

It is imperative that you get legal counsel immediately. The Miranda warning is read to you for a reason and you should heed what it says. Regardless of what has been told to you there is no reason that you should give up the rights that our forefathers put in America’s Bill of Rights. There is no circumstances that would force you to waive your rights.

If asked whether or not a police agent or other law enforcement agent can search your house, office, or possession it is your right to talk with an attorney.  Do not take the police officer’s word about what is okay or not okay for you to do or say.

Call an attorney immediately, if you cannot call an attorney ask someone to call one for you.
Remember even if you cannot afford an attorney the state should provide you with one, but you have to ask for one.

These are some suggestions that you should remember of you are a suspect in a crime.

  1. Ask for your attorney immediately and state that you cannot answer any questions until you talked with your attorney.
  2. If you cannot afford an attorney ask that one be appointed immediately and do not answer any questions until you have talked with that attorney.
  3. Do not answer any questions until your attorney is present with you.
  4. Follow your attorney’s advice.
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