Aaron Law Firm provides representation in all areas of taxes for both individuals and business.  We are able to help you with an Offer and Compromise, payment plan or negotiations with the IRS on your tax problems.  We also provide representation with audits and appeals by IRS, Alabama Department of Revenue, or a local taxing authority.  If you are involved in an audit and you believe that you will be assessed taxes it would be a good idea to get an attorney involved.  Unfortunately many people wait until the IRS has placed a lien on their property or levied their wages or their bank account.  Remember the tax agencies maybe slow but once you are in the system they will eventually collect the taxes.

People forget that unpaid taxes are subject to penalties and interest that can add a substantial amount of debt in a very short time.  Penalties may be waived by the IRS, but not by the Alabama Department of Revenue.  Interest is never waived unless you reach an agreement under an Offer and Compromise with the IRS.

Small business people can go several years without filing their taxes.  They seem to get scared of going to the IRS so they continue to not file their taxes year after year until the IRS audits them.  The thing to remember is that the IRS may accuse those people of attempting to evade paying taxes.  This carries both civil and criminal penalties.  If you are in this situation it is imperative that you resolve this situation, contact us and we can help.

An Area that we can help are in the situation of a divorce and how that effects individual taxes of each party of the divorce.  Many times after the divorce we can help resolve the individual’s taxes problems by filing a innocent spouse relief request.  Unfortunately most divorce agreements or final judgment do not adequately cover taxes, if you are in a middle of a divorce contact us and let us help you protect yourself.