Dealing with Governmental Agencies

Governmental Agencies have crept into all facets of business.  From regulating the design of the sign out in front of your business to the multiple type of taxes that the business should be collecting.  Sometimes you feel that you are at the mercy of the bureaucrats because you don’t know if what they are telling you is the law. You feel like you are being required to spend money needlessly and you do not get any return on your investment.

You need someone fighting for you who knows the law and regulations, who provides access to expert opinions to counter the agency’s viewpoints, and will walk you through the appeal of any adverse governmental rulings.

Governmental Agencies operate outside of the normal court system with their own rules and regulations.  They usually have their own appeal process that you have to go through if they rule against you.  In Alabama, many agencies have expanded their rules and the processes they require to get licenses or permission from the agencies.  Each year the legislature passes laws that give agencies more authority to regulate different parts of your business.

Cities and counties are regulating more and more of your business.  Years ago you paid for your business license and paid your sales taxes and that is was the extent of the county or city government’s involvement in your business.  Now some counties have payroll taxes that you are required to collect from your employees and regulations on what type of activities can be conducted at your place of business.

Today there are local regulations that affect many aspects of your business: not knowing the regulations can be a costly. You need to have someone in your corner helping you avoiding costly mistakes.

Aaron Law Firm has handled many different type of cases before Federal, State, and Local Agencies.  We work with companies that have tax issues at the different levels of government. Our firm work to help companies get the necessary license to run its business. And we work with companies that have run afoul of an agency’s regulations to help them resolve the issue in a manner that is best for the company.

If you have questions or concerns about a regulation or law, from federal to your city give Aaron Law Firm a call and let us help you.