Business Help

Being your own boss is great but it comes with its own set of problems and stress. We are here to help. From contracts to litigation you do not have to figure it out alone.  Aaron Law Firm is experienced in advising Small Business on the challenges they face and helping them avoid the pitfalls that sink other businesses.

If you are just starting your business we can help you plan your business and select the type of business entity that works best for your business, work with governmental departments and put the policies and practices that will start your business on the right foot.

If you are growing your business Aaron Law Firm can help with advising you on legal hot spots that you need to avoid.  We can insure that your contracts protect your business.  We can help you collect those invoices that have gone unpaid for more than 120 days.  We can sit down and give you a Small Business Health Checkup and make sure you have address all of the areas you need to as you grow your business.

Taxes and interaction with governmental agencies are just part of doing Business in Alabama, Aaron Law Firm can help guide you through your involvement with the Government.  Aaron Law Firm has worked with Use and Sales taxes, Income taxes, Payroll taxes and Excise taxes.  We have worked with local tax agencies to the Internal Revenue Service, let us help you.

Take some time to look through the different pages and watch the videos, if you have any questions feel free to give us a call or email me.