Exceptions to Alabama’s Stay at Home Order

I want to talk a little bit more about the Stay at Home Order and the nine exceptions to the Order to remain at home.  I want to add some detail to the exceptions so people understand what they can or … Continue reading

Alabama’s “Stay at Home“ Order

The Alabama Stay-at-Home Order On April 3, 2020, Alabama State Health Officer issued an order, which is being referred to as the “Stay-at-Home” order.  This order supersedes all of his previous orders.  I have attached the State Health Officer Order for … Continue reading

American History for Kids

Here are several resources that are to teach kids about our country’s history.  There are several video collections and cartoon series that try and make learning history fun.  It may be wise to bookmark some of the resources pages to … Continue reading

Alabama History for Kids

Here are a few websites that help you and your kids learn more about Alabama History.  There are websites, videos, and virtual tours about Alabama and its history. Duckster for Alabama History Duckster stats on Alabama National Geographic for Kids … Continue reading

Its James Spann Day

I have always enjoyed James Spann’s enthusiasm for Alabama weather, his passion for educating us about weather and weather safety, and his willingness to be active in the community. James Spann Weather School for Kids James Spann at TEDx Communicating Weather … Continue reading

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