Alabama Launches Veteran’s Resource Website

I meant to post this last week, but time got away from me.  The Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a website that helps Veterans find the resources that are available in the state.  It is  Here is … Continue reading

Back to School – Dealing with Teenagers and Alcohol

Growing up many teenagers will experiment with alcohol.  I will leave the why and wherefores to others. I want to talk about how mixing teenagers and alcohol can cause serious problems for the teenager and their parents. It can lead … Continue reading

Back to School – Teens and Driver’s License Restrictions

Its Back to School time.  Many students will be driving back to school, it is time for a refresher on Alabama Driver’s License Law and the restrictions on teen drivers.  A teenager under the age of 18 has restrictions on driving … Continue reading

Alabama Supreme Court Opinion on Motion for New Trial

In the case of Ex parte Amanda Holderfield, the Alabama Supreme Court cleared up an issue that frequently arises in criminal cases where there is a plea.  The plea is taken and the restitution is left open for 30 days … Continue reading

Jordan M. Copeland – Domestic Violence Expungements

You may now be eligible to petition to have your criminal record from a non-conviction of a Domestic Violence misdemeanor expunged (cleared) in Alabama. We represent in-state and out-of-state clients seeking to expunge their Alabama arrest record from a Domestic … Continue reading

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