Geeslin v. Online Information Services, Inc. and Chief Justice Roy S. Moore

In this case a Mr. Geeslin sued the Chief Justice and On-line Information Services, Inc. for being charged extra fees to file civil lawsuits.  It is based upon then Cheif Justice Malone’s order that all civil cases of people that were … Continue reading

What to do if you are accused of a crime

It is imperative that you get legal counsel immediately. The Miranda warning is read to you for a reason and you should heed what it says. Regardless of what has been told to you there is no reason that you should give … Continue reading

The Economist on New Debtor Prisons

The new debtors’ prisons If you are poor, don’t get caught speeding Nov 16th 2013 IN LATE 2010 police in Childersburg, Alabama ticketed both Kristy and Timothy Fugatt for driving with expired licence tags. They were fined $148 each, plus … Continue reading

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