What happens if you are pulled over when you have been drinking alcohol

Just because you do not feel that the amount of alcohol that you have drunk will affect the way you drive, but that is not how a police offer measures your ability to past a series of physical tests and … Continue reading

How to Talk with Your Teen About What To Do When Pulled Over by the Police

With the discussions about the interaction between police officers and the public, we here at the Aaron Law Firm thought it would be helpful to put out a guide for interaction with the police. It is in everyone’s best interest if your … Continue reading

The Different Types of Bonds in Criminal Cases

One of the first issues to deal with after an arrest is getting them out of jail.  This is done by posting an amount of money or property for what is called an appearance bond. Under Alabama law, Capital Murder … Continue reading

What to do to get someone out of jail during the Coronavirus Outbreak

One of the questions I am regularly asked is how to get someone out of jail during the Coronavirus Outbreak.  If they are in a county jail or a city jail, most likely, you will be able to get them … Continue reading

What to do when a loved one’s been arrested?

A question that I am asked a lot is, “What to do when a loved one’s been arrested?”  What happens is that You will get a telephone call most probably from the jail in which your loved one tells you … Continue reading

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